Gift Ideas for Your Outdoor Adventurer

Christmas shopping season is upon us. Black Friday is right around the corner, followed swiftly by Cyber Monday. Outdoor enthusiasts are often difficult to shop for. If there’s one on your shopping list, here are some gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

Multi-Tool Device

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you need small tools on a regular basis. It’s handy to have pliers, a wire cutter, a screwdriver, and a pocket knife when you’re camping or even just going on a hike. It’s not practical, however, to carry a toolbox around with you, which is where a multi-tool device comes in. It can fit right in your pocket or attach to your belt. It is kind of like a Swiss Army knife, only better.

Truck Tent

If your outdoor enthusiast enjoys camping, a tent can be a great gift. But you can’t always camp where you park your truck. Or maybe you can. What about a tent that can be connected to an SUV or set up in the bed of a pickup truck? It’s less expensive than a recreational vehicle and you’ll use less gas, too. It’s easy to set up and was designed specifically for SUVs and pickups.

Trail Shoes

Clunky old hiking boots are a thing of the past. Real hikers wear trail shoes. These are lightweight but still offer serious support. They’re water resistant, comfortable, and well ventilated. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer, a solid pair of trail shoes will take them anywhere they want to go.

Fire Starter

If you’re camping or just into bonfires, a fire starter is a convenient thing to have. You don’t need to worry about losing it or accidentally exposing it to moisture as you would with matches. This little device can hang on a lanyard or a key chain. It has a metal case that screws tightly, protecting it from moisture. The metal case also protects the device from damage if it’s dropped. The size of a cigarette, it is convenient for going anywhere.

Pocket Notebook

You may not think of a notebook when you think of gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer, but it makes perfect sense. If your outdoor adventurer enjoys observing wildlife or hunting, then he may want to keep detailed notes about the best spots for those activities and what he saw there. If she is a writer or a poet, she may find communing with nature inspirational. Or he may just want to keep a record of his adventures for posterity. These notebooks are just the right size for carrying in a back pocket.

Cauldron Grill

Anyone can go to a home and garden center to find a run-of-the-mill fire pit, but for the dedicated outdoors person, a Cowboy Cauldron is the only way to go. It may be a little pricier than a regular fire pit, but there’s a good reason for that. It’s made to last—not just to last for your lifetime, but to be passed on to generations to come. It can be used to build a fire and grill in any weather. And it’s a great place to gather family and friends for a get together.

Water Bottle

Sure, you can get a water bottle anywhere, but this durable metal water bottle is insulated so that you can keep icy drinks cool or even bring hot soup for dinner.

Water Filter Straw

LifeStraw is a food-grade, stainless-steel, two-stage water filtration system. It removes 99.9999% of water borne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites as well as odors and tastes. It is one of the best gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer who likes to take his adventures deep into the wilderness.

Subscription Box

The Nomadik subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving. Every month, your adventurer will receive high-end gear intended to enhance or inspire his or her outdoor experiences.

GPS Locator

When your adventure takes you way beyond the reach of cell service, a GPS locator will let family know you’re okay. It can also let them know where to send emergency response services if you’re not.

An outdoor enthusiast may not be the easiest person to shop for during the holiday season. But with these gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer, your holiday shopping may be a little easier.

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