Making Your Guests Feel Right at Home

When you invite people to stay over at your house, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. There are many things you can do to be a good host, beginning with ensuring that the guest bedroom makes them feel right at home. Make sure the guest bedroom addresses as many of their needs as possible. Your guests will appreciate how attractive the room is, too. Here are a few suggestions for making your guest bedroom into a home away from home.

Luxurious Bed

The primary purpose of any guest bedroom is to offer your guests a place to sleep, so any guest bedroom design has to start with a bed. If you want guests to feel extra special and pampered, it doesn’t take much to add a touch of luxury here. Select a high-quality mattress and an attractive headboard. Luxury bed linens with a high thread count, a fluffy comforter, extra blankets, and plenty of fine pillows will give your guests a luxurious place to sink into at the end of the day.

Mirror, Mirror

It is essential to provide your guests with a mirror where they can arrange their hair and makeup. You can furnish the room with an actual vanity table or simply have a freestanding makeup mirror handy. Hanging a full-length mirror on the back of a door is a small touch that will go a long way toward making your guests feel comfortable. You never know if they’ll be attending business meetings while they’re visiting you and need to look their best or just want to make sure they look great before you all head out for dinner.

Bedside Table

A bedside table is another essential element of guest bedroom design. A bedside table is a great place for a reading lamp, an alarm clock, a glass of water, a box of tissues, or a pair of glasses. A lamp on the bedside table also means your guests don’t have to get out of bed again to turn off the lights on a wall switch, which can be awkward in a strange room.


If your guests will be conducting business or even just writing letters or in a journal, a desk is a nice thing to have in the bedroom. You may even kill two birds with one stone by having a desk that can also serve as a vanity. Make sure to include a small lamp, a few office supplies, and some writing paper. A city guide and a calendar are nice touches, too.

Creating Spaces

If the bedroom is large, try breaking the space into zones for different activities. For example, add a desk for work on one side and a comfy chair or two with a reading lamp for relaxing on the other. Think about how to make your guests comfortable and meet their needs.


Be sure to include storage in your guest bedroom design. Your guests may want to unpack their suitcases, so have a dresser in the room. There are all kinds of ways to offer guests storage, depending on the amount of space you have. If the room already has a closet, consider installing some shelves. 

Temperature Control

Make sure that your guests can control the temperature in the bedroom. Install a ceiling fan and add a couple of throws so that they can manage their own comfort levels. Put light-blocking shades on the windows in case they want to sleep late or take an afternoon nap. 

Being a good host means making sure that your guests’ needs are met and that they are comfortable. These ideas for guest bedroom design should give you a head start.

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